Every house, office, apartment or building needs Glass & Aluminium Work. If you are facing Glass & Aluminium Work problem then you need a Handymen services. Usually, we assume it like such kind of Glass & Aluminium Work tasks will take hours to fix or repair but in reality, it’s just a job of minutes but only if it’s done by an Expert.

Upvc Door and Windows in Dubai

Are you looking for ways to enhance the durability and efficiency of your windows and doors in Dubai? Look no further than UPVC doors and windows! These modern systems are far superior to traditional materials like aluminum, steel, and timber. With special sealing systems, they eliminate the possibility of air, water, and sound leakages. Comfort Class company provides expert maintenance services for UPVC windows and doors in Dubai.

Upvc Door and Windows Repair in Dubai

When to Replace Your Windows, many people have windows that are long overdue for replacement but may not realize it until the window falls off the hinges or there is a serious draught running through the house or office. Here are some signs that indicate it’s time to replace your windows.

Upvc Window and Door Lock Repairing In Dubai

re you experiencing problems with your Upvc windows and doors? Whether it’s a broken lock, handle, or mechanism, we are here to help. Our team of experts specializes in Upvc window and door repair services, and we provide cost-effective solutions to all your repair needs. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Upvc window and door repair, including the cost, locations, and mechanisms.

Upvc Window Lock Repair Cost.

If you have a broken Upvc window lock, you might be wondering about the repair cost. The cost of repairing a Upvc window lock can vary depending on the type of lock, the severity of the damage, and the location of the repair service. However, we offer competitive pricing and affordable rates for all our Upvc window lock repair services. Contact us today to get a quote for your Upvc window lock repair cost.

Upvc Door Lock Repairing

If you’re looking for Upvc door lock repair services near you, you’re in the right place. Our team of professionals provides Upvc door lock repair services in your local area. We are just a call away from fixing your broken Upvc door lock. Our experienced technicians will diagnose the problem and offer a quick and reliable solution to restore the functionality of your Upvc door lock.

Window Mechanism Repairing

If your Upvc window mechanism is broken, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible to ensure the safety and security of your property. We offer Upvcwindow mechanism repair services in your local area. Our team of experts will diagnose the problem and provide an efficient solution to restore the functionality of your Upvc window mechanism.

Toughened / Tempered Office Glass Partition Works

  • Full Height Office Glass Partition in Dubai
  • Low Height Office Glass Partition in Dubai
  • Office Glass Divider
  • Receptions Glass Divider
  • Office Glass Cabins


Shower Screen / Enclosure 

  • Shower Screen Installation
  • Frameless Shower Enclosure Installation
  • Frameless Shower Screen for Bathtub
  • Sliding / Swing Shower Enclosure
  • Corner Shower Installation

Wall Mirrors Installation

Double Glazed Glass Installation

  • Double Glazed Glass Door  / Window and Fix Panel Installation


  • Full Height Office Gypsum Partition in Dubai
  • Low Height Office Gypsum Partition in Dubai
  • Office Gypsum Divider Services
  • Receptions Glass Divider
  • Office Gypsum Cabins + Paint Finishes

Table Top Delivery / Replacement 

We delivery Table top glass (float, tempered, laminated, painted color) in Dubai using custom size, different shapes and thickness as per client requirement.

  • Coffee Table Top Tempered Glass
  • Study (Student) Reading Table
  • Office Table Top Glass for Meeting
  • Computer Table Top Tempered Glass
  • Round / Rectangular Square / Oval Shape Table Top Delivery

Glass Maintenance Works

  • Office Door Maintenance
  • Glass Door Machine Replacement (with Warranty)
  • Glass Door Lock Repair
  • Top / Bottom Patch Fitting Replacement
  • Broken Swing Window Glass Replacement
  • Broken Glass Replacement for Sliding Door
  • Tinted Tempered Glass Replacement
  • Balcony Glass Replacement
  • Laminated Glass Replacement Services


  • PVC Vinyl Flooring
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Carpet Flooring
  • carpet installation in Dubai